Lunges Shape Your Legs, Tone Your Butt and Build Strength


Whether you’re trying to lose weight, want to look sleeker in shorts, or improve your athletic performance, lunges should be part of your training program.
Shape your legs, tone your butt and build functional strength, with the Reverse Lunge. Lunges are an exceptional exercise for conditioning your lower body. They stress the muscles from a perfect angle to develop incredible shape and symmetry in your legs, thighs and butt.

Because they require balance, lunges also build neuromuscular and functional capacity – helping your body go through its daily motions and letting you pick up your children with ease.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, want to look sleeker in shorts, or improve your athletic performance, lunges should be part of your training program.

The Ultimate Lunge is probably the Reverse Lunge. There are many types of lunges, and many ways to perform them all, but since we only have time to cover one – my choice is the reverse lunge. Here’s why:

– Because you have more balance and support, it’s easy to learn and perform. Plus, you have less momentum to contend with during the exercise which provides more effective stress to the muscles and yields better results.

– It’s safer and softer on your knees because your back foot absorbs the ballistic shock of the lunge step. (Contrasted to the front lunge where impact shock can transfer to the knee even if you land heel to toe.)

– It creates muscular balance by initiating the movement backward as opposed to most other exercise movement patterns that take you forward and bias your musculature toward forward motion.

How To Do A Reverse Lunge Correctly

– Start facing forward, with your feet shoulder width apart, and your arms at your side.

– Step back with one leg far enough to allow your knees to bend at 90 degree angles. You can simultaneously bring your arms up to act as a slight counter balance. If you want a greater challenge, hold light weights in your hands.

– You’re in correct position at the bottom of your lunge when your front knee is directly over the ankle.

IMPORTANT – To go back to the start position, start dropping your arms and lift from the heel of your front leg. DO NOT PUSH OFF YOUR BACK LEG. This simple advice will dramatically improve the effectiveness of your reverse lunge, give you a far tighter, leaner butt and get you much better results in half the time.

Try doing reverse lunges 3 times a week on non-consecutive days. Work up to 2 sets of 10 repetitions on each leg. After a month, I think you’ll be amazed at the impact the reverse lunge will have on your physique.

5 Tips To Help Get You In The Running


  1. If you want to shape up, walking, jogging and running can all provide a step in the right direction. And preparing for the Easter Monday Road Race in Whitehead can motivate you to get started into running or even the Fun Run if the full circuit is too much at present. Walking, jogging and running are not only excellent aerobic exercise but they can be the easiest and most natural route to fitness.
  2. Running or walking outside, however, may not always be a natural choice. When you exercise on concrete sidewalks, for example, the impact shock is “bounced” back to your knees and hips, because concrete is a rigid material. If you’re not enthusiastic about running or walking in winter weather or if you live where there’s a lot of traffic, you may want to work out at the gym or invest in a state-of-the-art treadmill.
  3. A treadmill, whether at the gym or one you install in your garage, can make it easier to achieve fitness goals and the latest treadmills offer many fun, motivating features that let you track progress. Not all treadmills are created equal, however, and a badly designed treadmill may ultimately do more harm than good.
  4. It’s important not to settle for the cheapest because a bad short-term choice could have serious long-lasting health consequences.┬áSince exercise should be a life-long habit, you want a treadmill that will protect potentially fragile joints. If you are not sure whether treadmill running is for you, invest in a short term gym membership and try out your exercise routine on the treadmills there. Of course, it would be even cheaper to run in the park or around a longer route in your own environment.
  5. When choosing a treadmill, look for one with active shock management features to protect joints. It’s also important to wear good training shoes, specially designed for running, in order to protect your feet, ankles and legs, as well as your joints.

44 Marathons 44 Countries 44 Days
44 marathons

Marathons For The Mind

Peter Thompson will attempt to run 44 marathons on 44 days in 44 countries, starting 1 April 2017, to raise awareness for mental health. This means he will be running in every country in Europe (no I haven’t counted them) including Ireland and the UK. You can see a list of the countries and the marathons on his website Marathons For The Mind. As he says, “the biggest killer of men and women my age is suicide”. He wants that to change and he is raising funds to help with this.